Saturday, January 24, 2009

Drum Roll Please

Drum roll please.......

After 28 miles one-way, and round trip $10 in bridge tolls, I made it to "my" JoAnn fabrics!!! Why they don't have one in Westchester County, I don't know. Every fabric store I have found close by is one of those specialty upholstery stores. $30/yard kind of places. I just wanted my $2/yard JoAnn Fabrics!!!

I got some great stuff, and I'll post pictures once the projects are done.

Wade was absolutely amazing to spend his Saturday going with me. He was an absolute awesome husband to run around with the kids and he even took the van to a car wash and it got cleaned inside and out. Ahhhhhhhh. I love clean cars. Life is so much better with a clean car.

Since you have to pay bridge tolls just to get to Long Island, we decided to go adventuring to make our $10 in tolls worth it. We headed to the Southern side of Long Island and drove through Jones Beach State Park. We picnicked in the car, then bundled up and took a walk on the beach (walked in snow and sand). Wade was super excited to see the waves from the Atlantic rolling in.

I have a mild obsession with signs and letters, so I had to snap some pics of some cool signs we found.

We saw a little bit of Fire Island (a summer hot spot), and then drove to the Northern side of Long Island and drove Route 25A back towards the City.

The village of Cold Spring Harbor on 25A is definitely on the list to go back and visit. SOOOO cute!! When the Spring weather hits, I want to go back there and spend a day wandering. Cute shops, (and an antique mall!) restaurants, and it's on the Long Island Sound. The kids were napping, so we couldn't stop.

Mom and Joanne, when you come to visit, we're definitely heading to Cold Springs for a day. You'd love it.

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