Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Morning Road Trip

Oh my gosh it's cold outside. Wow.

We decided to go into the City tomorrow since it's supposed to be 40 degrees...woohoo!!! I don't know what the high was today, but wow it was cold. We piled in the car and headed up the Hudson River Valley to Cold Spring....rated one of New Yorks most quaint towns. It's about an hour away, and it's right on the Hudson. Cute, but it was way too cold to really enjoy it. Plus most the antique stores (and train store...Dad's favorite) were closed and didn't open until 11am.

The town was named by George Washington, although he wasn't very creative. The sign said he stopped here while visiting troops in the Revolutionary War, and drank from the spring. And then he named it Cold Spring. I guess if the day he drank from the spring was as cold as it was today, I can't blame him!!!

No pictures of people today. Too cold!!!!

We ate lunch at the Cold Spring Cafe, and I had the most amazing mozerella, spinach and tomato quiche. That alone is worth the trip back.

On the way up, I pulled over when I saw these old trucks on the side of the road buried in snow. I will add these to my collection of old truck photographs. Why can't auto makers make them in this color anymore?? Love them.

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Leslie said...

i love Cold Spring...grew up a town is fun to see it new through your pictures. Spring is beautiful, and the shops are great.