Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow in NYC!

On Saturday, we dropped Gran and Grandma off at LaGuardia, and picked up our friend Andy, who flew in on the flight that they were taking back to Denver. Pretty convenient!
Andy was in town for a few days for a risk management conference. Exciting, I know. Anyway, since he stayed at our house, he treated us to fabulous night on the town. We went the Craftbar Restaurant (www.craftrestaurant.com) at 900 South Broadway. It was really good, and $300 later, we were out the door. The food was actually reasonably priced, but we got a nice bottle of wine.

This is my dessert and cappucino. I can't resist chocolate cake, and it came with caramel ice cream. It was very scrumptous.

It started snowing when I got off the train, and this was our view when we walked out of the restaurant. I've never seen NYC in snow (except on TV), and I love it!! This is a horrible picture, I know, but you can get the general feel for it. I loved this building too. I wish I could have a day of full access to NYC buildings. I want to check out where everyone lives, because I know there are some beautiful spaces behind those windows.

We ran over to Rockefeller again so Andy could see the tree. Now don't think I go to Rockefeller everyday, because I really don't. I just happen to have been there a couple times in the last few days. The snow was gorgeous, and what a night to ice skate! The people below were skating on a great layer of snow over the ice. It looked amazing!


Andy's a big fan of 30 Rock, so this was for him. By the way ladies, he is currently single, so if you want an introduction......I can totally vouch for him too. He was a groomsmen in our wedding 8 years ago. Solid guy.

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