Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our First NY Snowman

We made our first NY snowman today!! Granted, it was raining, but we did it! It has been snowing here in Rye since Friday, with a small break yesterday. We decided to head out this morning to build our first NY snowman, and after 25 minutes of getting kids in snowsuits, boots, hats and gloves, we headed outside to find that it was raining. We pressed on though.

With the snow being so wet, it didn't take long to make the snowballs, although it took quite a few tries for us to lift them up. Wet snow = heavy snow. Hmmmm, forgot about that.

We decided to name him Frosty, although as Ava pointed out, we don't have a magic hat to put on him. We don't have any hat for that matter. He needs a nose, eyes, and buttons. Maybe tomorrow.

All in all, it was a great snowman building experience, and we ended the day with our first (and most fabulous if I might add) Hanukkah party that we were invited to by our fabulous neighbors. The kids had a great time dancing and playing spin the dreidel!

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