Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve! I guess it's officially Christmas Day because it's 12:30am and we're just now getting to bed. We (or really Wade) spent all night putting together the kitchen that we bought at Costco for the kids. Great kitchen, but oh my, that was complicated. And sooooo many screws.

It's been a pretty relaxed day. We actually went to Costco today for a few groceries, then I had an afternoon shopping on Purchase Street all by myself. Wonderful!

Ava and I started the candy cane ice cream cookies this afternoon. The cookies are on the rack downstairs and we'll assemble them tomorrow. She had a lot of fun measuring everything out, and wearing her new apron and hat from Grandma and Aunt Amy. She looks pretty cute if you ask me.

So the advent calendar is done. The star was the last one to put up today and it went on top of the advent tree today. This is a duplicate of the one Joanne and I had when we were kids. Joanne made me this one a few years ago for Christmas, and I LOVE it.

So here's Wade patiently working on assembling the kitchen. Three hours later....done. And the last picture is what awaiting the kids in a few hours. There is an insane number of gifts under the tree. We didn't put one gift out until tonight, so the kids are going to go nuts!! Crazy thing is that only about 5 of those gifts are actually from us!! The rest are from the rest of the family in Colorado. Man, are we spoiled!!!

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