Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Wade!!

Happy Birthday Wade!! The big 30 something. Ava was really excited this morning and told him Happy Birthday first thing this morning when she came into our room. We decided to use our super cool new art easel (from IKEA...thanks Grandma) and make him a "Happy Birthday Daddy" sign to greet him when he comes home tonight.

He actually caught a later train this morning so we got to have some good family time this morning. He opened our present and the kids and I got him the "Office Monkeys" playset. Weird sounding, I know. But for a guy who doesn't need anything, it's something fun for his office....7 monkey figurines doing "office" stuff.

So Wade, if you read this before you come home, you'll see your sign the kids made, but there are a couple other surprises for you too.

We love you!!

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SweetP91 said...

Cute blog, friend!! Happy birthday to Wade. Love A's new hair bob. Completely cute.