Tuesday, December 1, 2009

American Girl Store

I can't believe I gave in.

Ava has been talking about an American Girl doll for a year now...ever since we moved to NY. Both my nieces have one (or three), and while I think they are great, they are spankin' expensive!!!

BUT, I told Ava we would get her one before we left New York, since the big mega store is here in NYC. Of course I was planning on buying her one for her 6th birthday (in 2011), but since our NY stay has been cut short, we had to do it now!

Since cousin Emma is in town, we booked a dinner reservation in the American Girl Cafe, met Mom and Emma after they saw the Rockettes, and we bought Ava her blond-hair-green-eyed doll.

We dined, with the dolls of course, in a pink dining room and enjoyed yummy appetizers, pink lemonade, chicken pot pie, chocolate mousse, cakes and cookies.

This is a must do for every little girl in NYC. And I guarantee your little girl will go home happy...mine did.


Marla Taviano said...

We went to the American Girl Store in August when we were in NYC. The girls just walked around googly-eyed. We managed to get out of there without spending a penny. :)

SweetP91 said...

How fun! I remember that store from Jon & Kate plus 8. What a great little girl experience. Maia just started asking for an American Girl doll this year.

brian b. said...

WoW I Love American Girl dolls!
Awsome! Beautiful dolls, Happy girls!