Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cutting down our christmas tree...

...makes me happy. VERY happy!!

There is nothing like cutting down your own tree and having your house smell of fresh pine. We used to have an artificial tree, but a few years ago we started cutting down our tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It gets a little tricky with kids...especially in Colorado when you have to wander the National Forest a while to find your PERFECT tree, but we've found a great place here that works great for our family.

Jones Family Farm.

I have vivid memories of cutting down our tree in the mountains of Colorado growing up, and I remember one particular year Dad leading us into the forest with snow thigh deep and I believe our little Jeep got stuck more than once. Very Griswold-esque. Ever had one of those experiences??!!!

The nice thing about Jones is that you don't have to wander very far to find a tree, since it is a tree farm, and for a pregnant lady with two young kids?? Heaven!

Mom and Emma flew in yesterday from Phoenix for their NYC Gran/Grandaughter week, so we had two more helping hands. I'm sorry, but Christmas in Phoenix just doesn't sound appealing! Luckily my sister and her family will be in Colorado for Christmas.

The property had candy canes scattered all around, and Tyson just had to have his picture at every one. "Nother picture, Gran?" Just look at this cousin love Emma is giving him!

I just love Mom's face in this one. Pure delight. Tyson was a big boy this year and helped Daddy cut it down. Meanwhile, Ava stood back with me and took pictures with her camera. Like Mother like daughter!

The farm binds your tree for you, then we all enjoyed lunch in the van while Wade mounted our White Pine beauty to the roof.

Then off to the barn for some play time...

...and a letter to Santa. Ava's letter said, "Santa, Barbie please. Ava."

Yummy homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies at the Christmas canteen...

...and checking out the fresh garland and cones for sale.

We got the tree home no problem, and we picked out such a PERFECT tree that it needed NO trimming!! It was the perfect height, and I LOVE white pine. The needles are so soft it's like touching velvet! Mom and the kids made construction paper chains while we listened to Christmas music and decorated the whole house.


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erin said...

Love this! It was like I was there with you :)