Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Two days was perfect. A quick weekend getaway that we ALL loved.

We decided to drive up on Saturday morning, rather than getting in late Friday night. It was a quick 3 hour drive, and we were in our hotel parking lot by 9:30am. Fantastic!

The first thing on our list was the Boston Duck Boat Tour, and the kids had been talking about it for days. Once we told them we were going on a boat ride, but the boat had wheels and drove on the road, they were hooked. "Duck boat, duck boat!" That's all I heard around the house for two days. And, "Mommy, how does a boat have wheels on it??"

It was a bit pricey, but it was worth it, and it got me off my feet for an hour and a half. Our fearless tour guide, Mario, was great, and he even let the kids drive the Duck in the water. Tyson was the first to raise his hand and volunteer, and he steered us through the Charles River like a real pro.

The most interesting fact I learned on the tour? Did you know that most of downtown Boston is actually built on top of landfill??? From Charles Street (which used to be the edge of the Charles River) down towards Newbury Street. It's all on landfill!!! He was quick to point out how flat that part of town is. Crazy. I think part of lower Manhattan is that way too.

After a fabulous lunch, we wandered down Newbury Street and enjoyed looking in all the shops and restaurants, and the kids even stopped to play instruments with a local street performer.

Tyson got very distracted at an art gallery checking out the "baseball pictures".

Then on to the Boston Public Garden, the country's oldest public garden and world's smallest suspension bridge. And yes, it was all built on top of landfill.

Ava could not wait to get to the duck statues from Make Way for Ducklings, and she along with all the other children in Boston are keeping the backs of Mrs. Mallard and Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack, Ouack, Pack, and Quack all nice and shiny.

After a quick Starbucks break, we wandered through one of my favorite neighborhoods (because it is nothing but eye candy), Beacon Hill. I love window boxes, and Beacon Hill didn't disappoint. Everyone had the most tasteful and beautifully filled window boxes. GORGEOUS!!!!

Cobblestone driveways, brick sidewalks and gas street lights. What more could you want in a neighborhood. No wonder you have to win the lottery to live in that neighborhood.

After a great night at our hotel, which included a free upgrade to a suite...HEAVEN, we started our morning over in Cambridge eating breakfast at Sound Bites. My friend Julie had taken my friend Angela and I there years ago, and the memory of their fresh fruit and amazing cooked breakfasts still lingered. So I talked Wade into going. He kept asking me all weekend..."Why do our days revolve around where we are eating?" And this is why. Check out this amazing spread of food.

We quickly walked off our breakfast around Harvard Square and the Harvard campus while the kids took a serious power nap, and then we ended our afternoon at Burdick Chocolates, a little chocolate store and cafe that our neighbor across the street used to manage. She told me explicitly what to order: Hot chocolate, skim milk, and milk chocolate, not dark. It did NOT disappoint. Although it was a bit hot for Tyson.

A stop at IKEA on the way home for $1 (yes, it was on sale) for meatballs, potatoes and lingonberries ended our weekend perfectly!!!

P.S. My good friend Angela (who I lived in Paris with), is coming to visit tomorrow for a girl's weekend. Today is her 40th birthday, and her husband is sending her to NYC for a few days. Keep tuned in for our adventures the next few days! She just got a cast off her foot, and with me starting to waddle, we should be quite the pair around town.


KH said...

What a fun trip! And, we have the same cool stroller, except ours is black! :) I have fun peeking into your life, admiring your photography and seeing your cute kids. --Kendra

Ryan and Janeen said...

Yay! Glad to see the trip was a success. Boston is truly a beautiful city. It was fun walking down memory lane (all be it just a month ago) looking at your photos. You captured a photo of our pink duck boat!

Erin said...

Love this! Smiled the whole way through! :)

Meredith said...

Amazing pictures!! Boston should hire you for a travel brochure