Thursday, November 19, 2009

Baby Gus Ultrasound

Today was "Baby Gus's" 20 week ultrasound, and no, we don't know whether Gus is a Gustave or Gustina! We've decided to actually show some restraint this time and be surprised.

So Gus's heart rate is in the 150's, which is where Ava and Tyson the heartbeat is giving us no clues to the sex.

The kids and Wade came to the ultrasound and it was such a great experience. Gus gave us a quick wave (see below), and Tyson said as he was waving back, "Hi Baby Gus! I love you Baby Gus." It was pretty cool.

I think ultrasounds are so amazing. Not that I forget that I'm pregnant, but it's amazing to see this little person moving around and kicking and realizing what an amazing miracle it is to be carrying a child. The best is when you can see your baby kick and move on the big screen, and feel it at the same time. It's live TV baby!!!

Fun fact: Baby Gus has been to the top of the Empire State Building, but my other children have not. How cool is that?


Marla Taviano said...

Beautiful. I'm going to be shocked if Gus is a girl.

wendy bristol photography said...

Love the hand. So sweet.

angie said...

Ultrasound photos are SOO VERY exciting. The wave image is amazing-I wish my boys had done something that cool for their ultrasound!

Angela D. said...

I love the ultrasound. The wave is awesome! So thankful everything is going well!