Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Preview: More Povemba Kids

I love the ages of these kids. I'm sure life with four kids is not always perfect, but I can't help think about when my kids will be that age.

I've been having a pretty rough few days with my own kids, and my pregnant belly is telling me I need to take it easy. Wade has been out of town for a long weekend, and then straight back to work, and I can tell the kids are missing him. They are acting out more, and I am getting tired of sending Tyson to time out. REALLY tired. And I need Wade too. Four straight days of single parenting has me worn out to the point I'm fighting getting sick. I have a big load of stuff from Costco that has been sitting in the car since yesterday, and I just can't bring myself to pick all that stuff up for the FOURTH time. You have to load it once into your cart, then onto the checkout belt, then into your car. And my pregnant self just doesn't want to do it again!!! (Don't worry, I already hauled in the perishables). Ava keeps asking, "Mommy, why are there soooo many diapers in the car?" And all I can say is, "Just because Ava. You never know when you may need 186 size 4 diapers!"

But I have to say that posting these pictures this morning has done my heart good. One of the reasons I love photography so much is that it takes your life and makes it stand still. Even if for a moment. And I love capturing those moments. A certain crooked smile, a laugh or a gesture caught in a still moment. I realized this morning that I need to look at my kids as a still moment and realize this time in our life is fleeting and will never happen again.

So no matter what today brings me, I am going to (and constantly praying that I can) look at my children as if through my camera. Mentally capturing who they are TODAY. Not tomorrow, not yesterday, but TODAY.

Here's to taking a moment to appreciate the blessings God has given you TODAY.

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Kristina said...

Great work, Kristen! Love your new block-style posting :)