Friday, September 4, 2009

Our Day at Playland

I think I finally get it.

I remember being young and watching my Mom watching me having fun. And I would think, "Why don't you want to join in?" "Do you not like (fill in the blank).... riding roller coasters, playing in the water, making forts, riding horses, roller skating, jumping curbs on your banana seat bike, riding skateboards?"

She would just watch, but seem perfectly content doing so, and I didn't get it.

Well I think I finally get it. I think it happens when you become a parent. You find sheer contentment watching your kids have fun and would rather watch them than do the activity yourself for fear you might miss observing their excitement, reaction, laugh, or smile.

So last week while Mom and Audrey were here, we went to Playland. I live in Rye, the HOME of Playland, and this was my FIRST time!! It's kind of like the cobbler's children who have worn out shoes I guess.

I had more fun watching Ava and Tyson (and MY MOM) riding rides while laughing, spinning, twirling, tipping, rocking, and sliding. I mean, I'm pregnant, so I wasn't even allowed on the rides, but even if I could, I had more fun just watching (and taking pictures).

To start, here are a few photos to give you the feel of Playland, which had "been providing family fun since 1928"...or 1920-something.

Could my Mom BE having more fun?

Now the submarine...this was one of Tyson's favorites, and I think it was one of my Mom's favorite rides too. Check her out!

Can I just say how proud I am of Ava? She is my shy one. The one who is afraid to try to new things. The one is has to sit and observe before participating, and the participation usually involves someone holding her hand.

I think she blossomed at Playland. She went on a lot of rides BY HERSELF. BY HERSELF! That is a huge deal for her. This ride in Kiddyland is called Whip It, and I think it's been there since 1930. It was so cool. The track is oval shaped, and the little cars roll along until you get to each end, and you get whipped around the corner. Simple concept...BIG fun.

OK, now this next picture has a story. There is a kiddy roller coaster which we convinced Ava to go on by herself, because Audrey was too big, and Tyson was too small. She went on it with a little hesitation, but was excited. She sat in the last car next to a boy, and we watched the car climb up the "incline" before she disappeared from view. When the coaster came to the end, she was trying really hard not to cry, but when she saw me, she lost it.

The ride was "too jerky" and "the boy sitting next to me wouldn't hold my hand".

The spinning balloon ride. By the way, all the Kiddyland rides require you to give the operator a thumbs up before they start the ride.

More rides that my little girl rode all by herself...

This may be my favorite picture. As it was getting to be dusk, and everyone but the prego one, yours truly, went on the ferris wheel so they could see the view of Rye, Playland, and the Long Island Sound before it got dark. On one of their rotations, Mom stuck her hand out and waved to me. Love it.

More spinning. My Mom is such a trooper, isn't she?

This was one of Ava's last rides of the night. Why the sour face? Well I think she was getting tired, and when she got off, all she said was, "Mom, it wasn't fast enough." That's my girl. I'm so proud of you.

Thanks Mom for reliving your childhood and riding all the rides. I can't decide if I had more fun watching you or my own kids. It's too close to call I think.

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Marla Taviano said...

That's awesome. Love your mom!!