Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dr. Tyson

We had Ava's four-year check up this week and she has been dreading if for weeks. "Mom, do I have to go to the doctor today?" "I don't like shots Mommy!!!" Then she runs to the corner and melts in tears...

The morning of the appointment came and Tyson told Ava he would be a good little brother and hold her hand. We decided to take our Fisher Price doctor kit as it really helps the kids keep their minds off the real thing.

Tyson was the life of the office, as usual, and wanted to practice his "doctor stuff" on everyone. While walking down the hall, people kept saying hello to "the doctor" and making comments on how young doctors are these days, and Tyson's response to everyone was "I'm not a doctor, I'm Tyson! Dr. Tyson!"

The appointment went well, and with a LOT of crying and three band-aids later, we were done.

Tyson got a hold of camera and took a bunch of shots of the exam room. I can see why a doctor's office would be intimidating to a little can't see anything!!

We celebrated by going out for Mac-n-Cheese at the Mamaroneck Diner for lunch. Phew. Glad that appointment is over with!


Marla Taviano said...

Love the pic of Ava in the mirror!!

Melissa said...

so precious! love the idea of the doctor kit coming along for the visit. may do that next year for andy's 5 year immunization visit. ughh!

MaryMary said...

I found your blog via your sister's and have been faithfully peeking in. Your photography is so incredibly inspiring--I want to get in a photo classroom.

And having lived in Rye right off of Playland Parkway, I get a little nostalgic seeing the photos of Rye beach and Playland. Mamaroneck diner...we just don't have those diners back here in Denver. :)