Monday, July 20, 2009

Preview: Avery is 1!!

Why do other people's kids always grow up faster than my own?? I mean, I know they grow at the same pace (technically), but is Avery really already 1?? Maybe it's because I'm with my kids everyday and it's the same daily routine over and over and I don't see the mass changes. I don't know, but I do know that Avery is one cute 1 year old and I was so happy to come back to her house to hang out with her.

Janeen and I have known each other for years and used to be co-workers before I attended the AA (Accountant's Anonymous) meetings. I had the privilege of photographing her and Ryan's wedding in Estes Park a number of years ago as well. LOVE this family! Even our dogs are good buds....

They did an amazing job a couple years ago landscaping their entire back yard, which looks amazing. I am so glad that the didn't tear down the old red metal garage though, because it makes a great backdrop for photos, and who can go wrong with red??

Who can resist a pink tutu??

I have to say that one (of many) things I like about photography is that there is no sound. I do love my new iPhone's video feature so I can record my kid's adorable voices...and whines. But the thing I love about photography, especially with children, is the image leaves you to imagine what the child is saying or thinking. Kids have the craziest expressions sometimes, and I love creating little conversations that MUST be going on their little heads....

"Lady, are we done yet?? This tutu is really starting to scratch where it shouldn't."

We ended our time together at Wash Park, in a corner where we could watch the sun go down over the mountains. Man, I miss those Colorado sunsets!

I couldn't resist this shot of Janeen. I'm hoping this one makes it to Ryan's desk at work.

This was one of the last shots of the evening, and it was worth it. Ryan just loves his Stetson hat (who wouldn't?), and it looks like his little girl will be following in her Daddy's tracks. Ryan, you better keep your eye on this one at the playground! Watch out little cowboys!

Thanks so much guys.

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Ryan and Janeen said...

You are truly talented Kristen! I always expect your handy work to be exceptional but you always manage to exceed those expectations.

I know this is “work” for you but you may NEVER give up photography! It would be a true injustice to those of us who are fortunate to benefit from your mad skilz’.