Sunday, June 28, 2009

Miss Janna's House

One day this last week, I spent the afternoon at Janna's house in between photo shoots. Erin also came over and we had a bit of a crafty afternoon. You may remember Janna and Erin when they came to visit my in NY back in March for Janna's 30th bday weekend....Mary Poppins, Manhattan's (yuck) at the Plaza, Zabar's on the Upper West, Purl SoHo....

Anyway, an afternoon at Janna's is always nice. We ate on her back deck and it was fabulous! Here is sweet Anne showing off her new lipstick.

"I'll just throw together some lunch stuff from my garden," she says. I was planning on munching on crackers and maybe a slice of ham or something. Throw it together?? Yeah right. More like something that belonged in a food magazine. See??

If any of you have read Janna's blog or been to her house, you know how creative and fun her living space is. I love Anne's room and all the little vignettes that are there. Anne has her kitchen, dining area, living area and dressing area. And since I love photographing children in their rooms and natural environments, I jumped at the chance to hang out with Anne in her room for a while.

And here is the master crafter at work. She surprised me with a new Shootsac cover. It's gorgeous, and I'm sorry I don't have a picture. It's hot pink fabric with orange polka dots. LOVE it!! By the way, if you don't have a Shootsac, go get one. They are great (not to mention cool looking) for you on your photo shoots.

And if you buy a Shootsac and need extra covers, Janna will sell you one. She is also planning on opening an Etsy shop with all her wonderful home made goodies, so keep posted via her blog.

Thanks Janna, for a fabulous girl's afternoon. I needed it!

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Melissa said...

As soon as I purchase my shootsac I'll be giving Janna a ring! Love the pics!