Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Martha's Town

Today we ventured up to Bedford, NY...Martha Stewart's hometown (or one of them). Bedford is a quaint New York town and has a lot of large estates and horse farms surrounding it. We stopped in the village green and the kids picked LARGE bouquets of dandelions. It's taken a little training, but I think they now know the difference between dandelions and other yellow flowers. AND they know they can only pick dandelions!

C'mon Mom, can I pick just one???!!!!

The real reason for going to Bedford was to try out the Bedford Post , a restaurant featured on the Martha Stewart show that Janna and Erin and I were in the audience for back in March. Kid friendly?? Kind of, but not so much for my kids. Yummy food, but better left to go with the girlfriends, or on a date.

After lunch, we ventured out to find Martha's house, based on a tip (and map drawn on a napkin) from a really nice local we met! Apparently Ralph Lauren is her neighbor, but we had no idea what we were looking for....we just saw a lot of nice houses and some gates, but no signs saying "Martha lives here". Why didn't she send out the welcome wagon for us??!!!

Today was great, but the best part was that I got to venture into the City by myself for a while and have a date night with my honey. We ate at Mama Mexico, and it was sooooo good! We walked inside and they had a strolling mariachi band, which is OK, but I really wanted to have a quiet dinner. I noticed a homemade sign in the window that read "outdoor romantic seating available". Cha ching!! We asked about the patio seating, and because it was a "cooler" day, there was NO ONE outside!!! We left the noisy indoors and had the ENTIRE patio to ourselves. What a blessing! A few people came outside and quickly decided it was too cold, and they headed back indoors. I had on my long coat, so no worries here. All the more peace and quiet for us!

This was the view from my seat. I felt like a peeper, but there were two cute kids in their brownstone doing homework. Can someone please set up a private NYC home tour for me?? Please??

Awesome, awesome day.

PS. By the way, Mama Mexico makes fresh guacamole right at your table. Amazing!


erin said...

I am speechless! I LOVE THIS POST!
OK, so not really speechless, I just have so much to say that I don't know where to start!
1. DANDELIONS vs. other yellow flowers! You are one smart Mama! The kids are weeding for people as they go! Love it!
2. BEDFORD POST!!! AAAHHH!!! I am sooo excited and need more details - food, ambiance, hitching post, yoga room, Richard Gere, you know... DETAILS!
3. I think we started a trend on our trip to start eating on cold patios for privacy and atmosphere :)
4. I LOVE the pic of Wade smiling over his dinner! Makes me smile too! It's his genuine smile/smirk and he should use it more often ;)
SO GLAD you had a great day! YAY!

Wendi Garland said...

Kristen, love love love your posts, photos, all of it. keep 'em coming strong :) love W