Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Bronx Zoo

Oh my goodness today was hot! Just a preview of the summer to come I guess. I don't mind the temperature, but the humidity is what gets to me. I think I'll lose 10 pounds this summer just from the heat alone. I guess that's not such a bad thing...

We visited the Bronx Zoo today and I was impressed. It is such a beautiful zoo, and quite large. We were the first ones at the gates waiting for opening time, and had the zoo to ourselves for about 5 minutes before the school groups showed up.

Here is Ava, the lover of maps (especially zoo maps) and wanting to lead us all around. Wonder where she got that from?

One of our first stops was the famous bug carousel, which is a piece of art in itself. There were more bugs than I could name, and the kids couldn't wait to pick their bug of choice and go for a ride.

Yes, this is a dung beetle, and yes, we chose to ride a different bug. I really didn't want to go there and explain a dung beetle to a 2 year old....he might get ideas.

OK, now these next couple images just get me. Ava LOVES to hold Tyson's hand and is constantly asking him if he wants to hold hands. He usually agrees, and it makes her day. Just look at how she is looking at him! She is so proud to be a big sister. I love it.

Our last stop of the day was the giraffe house to visit the baby giraffe. Why is a 150 pound baby so darn cute??!!

The Bronx Zoo is definitely going to see us again. I think it will take five trips just to see everything!


Marla Taviano said...

Ooooh, this post excites me almost as much as the word project! Our family is going to 52 zoos in 52 weeks, and I'm writing a book about it. (33 down, 19 to go!) http://www.52zoos.com

We'll be at the Bronx Zoo this summer--I'd love to meet you and your kids!! Funny--Joanne and her fam were supposed to stay with us on July 1 on their way to PA, but now we don't get to meet them since they're moving to AZ. :( Maybe I'll get to meet you first!

Love the map pic. My girls love maps too (5th pic down). http://www.marlataviano.com/zoos/the-oklahoma-city-zoo/

Michelle said...

So precious! I love the photo of your kiddos holding hands : )