Saturday, March 28, 2009

Our new addition

I am so proud of myself!! I have been thinking about two things that I really wanted to get for this summer for the kids. The first was a jungle gym for the backyard. I searched and searched on-line, and quickly realized you don't get a lot for your money, and I wasn't about to spend $300+ for what I wanted.

So I turned to Craig's list, and there it was. The perfect jungle gym, only $95, and it was only 45 mintues away! Ta-dah!!!

The kids and I spent this morning cleaning and scrubbing it, and I know it will get a lot of use this summer. Now we don't have to drive to the playground to get some climbing in....

P.S. The second thing I wanted to get was a double child bike trailer. They are on sale for only $75 here! Nashbar is a generic brand of bike parts and accessories, but for what we need, it's perfect. Other name brand double child bike trailers can cost up to $500. We also got the stroller conversion kit so I can use it as a stroller if I need to. Fabulous!!!

I'm so proud! Two large purchases for the kids, and all for about $200. I love finding deals.

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