Monday, March 2, 2009

A Day in Dumbo

My quest of visiting local flea markets continues! On Saturday, Ava and I spent a good part of the day in Dumbo (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass), Brooklyn. I had heard of Dumbo, but really knew nothing about it! Who names a neigborhood Dumbo??? But given the meaning of the name, it makes complete sense. It is literally under the overpass. The neighborhood is on the East River, between the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge, and is very industrial. Many buildings have been transformed into artist lofts, residential lofts and retail, but you still feel like you're in the middle of the Industrial Age.

So what flea market did we visit today? The Brooklyn Flea Market, which "pops up" in Dumbo in the winter. See ( for more info. There were some great vendors, but we didn't walk away with any treasures that we couldn't live without (unless you count the Brooklyn soda bottle cap that Ava and I found on the ground).

So here's a view of the Manhattan Bridge while walking down the street to the market...

Ava enjoyed looking at the art, and a jewelry vendor gave her a sparkly ring!

After a hard morning of shopping, every girl needs a hot chocolate break at Starbucks.

Anyone want to do a photo session in Dumbo?? I would love work down here. So many alleys, so little time...

Despite the industrial feel, the area is really family friendly. Parks, green space, and a great playground.

Can't you just imagine horse drawn trolley cars being pulled down here 100 years ago? Ava was a little afraid a train was going to come, but I convinced her it was safe.

Some very colorful restaurants in the neighorhood.


wendy bristol photography said...

would love to have a session with you in dumbo!

what a cool find!

Kristina said...

Um, yeah!! I think I may need to find a reason to come to NY so that we can swap sessions in those alleys!!