Thursday, January 15, 2009

The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play.

As Tyson brought me this book to read, I realized this is just how we felt today!! After everyone being sick the last few days, we've felt a little house-bound. Fortunately I have my own Thing 1 (Ava) and Thing 2 (Tyson) to keep me entertained.

So after bundling the kids up to go out in the fresh snow, I locked them in in van with the engine on. Oh my. Please tell me I'm not the only one who has ever done this. I don't know why the doors locked on me when I got out, but they did. I was going for the ice scraper in the trunk and then quickly realized I was locked out. Oops. All I could say was "don't panic, don't panic". I knocked on the window to see if Ava could get out of her buckle. Of course not.

Ok, the extra key was in the house. My house keys are in the ignition of the van. OK, don't panic. It's only 30 degrees outside. I think I had the heat on inside. The kids are of course oblivious and are waving to me from the inside while eating their fruity snacks. So I knock on Dana's door, and luckily she and her co-worker Carol were working from home. Carol came outside with me and then I had a thought.....I think Wade didn't lock the front door when he left for work. If I could get in the front porch door, I could get into the house to get my spare van key. Success!!!!!!

So off to Michael's for some new coloring books. We walked away with a few $1 clearance coloring books, the whopping 72 box of coloring pencils and a painting book. The kids were super excited, althought Tyson quickly lost interest after one painting, and turned to an episode of Little Einsteins. You can see him below....."Raise your arms, as high as you can...and yell 'blastoff'!"

It felt so good to get out today....


MomE said...

Joanne gave her faithfuls your blog here I am. I grew up in NY...whereabouts are you? I grew up about an hour south of Binghamton. I can't believe it but, I miss the snow. I live in IN now and it's very cold but usually brown and gray! Uck! You are not alone...I also have locked my kids in the car...I had to call the cops for help though...and I cried and totally paniced! Happy Friday!

Susan said...

Hi Kristen!

Joanne asked her girls to pop in and check on you so here I am.

I love New York. My mom is from the Albany area. I still have family in Syracuse. But I married a Southern boy and we don't get up there much anymore.

Stay warm. I'll check in on you from now on...I absolutely adore your sister, btw.

Hugs and blessings...


SweetP91 said...

I've locked my car with the engine running...thankfully no kids in it at the time. (I think I was prego with oldest). I wanted to warm up the I locked it and shut the door assuming it would open with the keyless entry. Doesn't work! DH had to drive 30 minutes from work to open the door. DH still has the only spare key..even I would be in trouble if that happened! Thankfully, the kids are mostly old enough to get out themselves... Miss you all!