Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dinner Disaster

Today's dinner disaster...and I've had a few in my cooking career.....

So there comes a point of time in every mother's day where it's "do or don't" when it comes to dinner. You either hammer down and get cooking, or you throw your hands in the air and take the kids out for chicken nuggets lest they have a complete meltdown at your feet.

So lastnight I opted for throwing my hands in the air.

I decided we'd go to Wendy's because their chicken nuggets just HAVE to be better than McDonalds. We were all ready to walk out the door (dog included) when Ava had an emergency bathroom situation. Jackets off, back upstairs to the potty. Back downstairs, jackets back on.

Head outside, and it's pouring rain. No worries...I won't let a little rain deter me from my mission of feeding my children and saving the dinner hour.

As far as fast food in concerned, we typcially prefer Wendy's over McDonalds because it just tastes better and you can get a Frosty. There's a Wendy's about 5 minutes away, and it is NEVER crowded. I don't understand why, but I figured New Yorkers just don't like Wendy's or something.

We've been to this Wendy's once (drive thru), and it took about 10 minutes to get our order. "English" is spoken, but it's not an English I understand, especially through one of those drive through speakers. Lastnight was no different.

After I placed our order, two kids meals with nuggets, milk and oranges, I was asked a series of questions that I could not comprehend, so I had to pull to the window to talk to her directly so I could understand what she was asking me.

Got the food, pulled into a parking space and pulled out the table in the van so the kids could eat in the car while it was still hot. We love having picnics in the van.

So I unpacked their food, and they forgot the ketchup that I specifically asked for. Do I leave the kids in the car parked in the Wendy's parking lot? Probably not. Grabbed the kids, ran through the parking lot in the rain, and got some ketchup. Luckily Presta didn't each the chicken nuggets while we were inside getting ketchup.

Then I opened the kids milk and realized that one was already open and half empty!!!!! Oh my gosh, they gave me a half-used milk!!!!!! I'm sure some employee opened one and was drinking it and then accidentally put it in my kid's meal.

At this point, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. So this time I drive (slowly so I don't spill the already opened ketchup) back through the drive thru to get a new milk and I am just aggravated beyond belief, but I keep my cool.

We pull back into a parking space and the kids eat their dinner and love every bite. But now I know why that Wendy's in never busy.

Got home, kids were happy.

However, I was hungry and wanted to enjoy the dinner I had planned making. Beef Stroganoff. So Wade watched the kids while I cooked in peace. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Everything was going well. It smelled good, looked good, and I was getting so excited to eat it. The last step in the recipe was to add the sour cream mixture and tomato paste. So I added it, but I think I added too much tomato paste, because if you remember your colors, when you add red tomato paste to white sour cream, you get pink.

Yes, we ate pink stroganoff.

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Janna Widdifield said...

We had elk stroganoff for dinner last night that I made for Ron/Jack's birthday. We must have been on the same dinner wavelength.