Monday, January 12, 2009

Before and Afters

I rarely get "crafty", but today I got a little bit crafty. I needed something in our room to hold scissors, some pens/pencils and a couple other "officy" things since our files are in our room. We've been consuming a fair amount of hot chocolate out here, and I noticed the container was the perfect size.

Sooooooo, I covered it with some of my favorite paper I picked up at Archivers. And whaaalaaa! (Is that how you spell that?)

My second before and after isn't so "crafty" as it was the fact I had time to wash it. I found this super cool metal First Aid Kit at an Antique mall in South Dakota. I absolutely LOVE the CURAD band-aid metal container inside! It's so "I Love Lucy". The kit had all the original stuff inside, including Red Cross bandages, so I just cleaned it out and added my new band-aids, and other first aid things. Again....whaaalaaaa!

If you can see close enough, the original kit also included ammonia inhalants. Yes, I smelled them because I was curious, but I'm pretty sure after sitting in this container for the last 50 years, any effect they may have had is long gone.

So my newly cleaned First Aid Kit is now sitting in the kitchen ready for the next household emergency!

Side note.....I love collecting all things metal. Maybe one day I'll do a post on all my favorite metal things around the house.


Janna Widdifield said...

Love that first aid kit. Oh! I talked to Erin and she is IN! We should have dinner together via Skype and make some plans.

Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

Waalaaa?! Are you kidding me? That's not a word!

Didn't you take FRENCH? Didn't you even live in FRANCE?

VOILA. With a V!!


Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

P.S. Love your band-aid box too! And I love you. :)

SweetP91 said...

You are so creative. I love the bandaid box. You have such fun blog I can keep getting cute ideas for old things from you even though you are across the country! My backgrounds come from Free backgrounds..they were having some server trouble, but it seems to be fixed. Depends on your internet speed how quickly the background pops up.

cfriedenstein said...


I carried that exact metal J&J first aid kit on all my boy scout camping trips.

Love Dad