Friday, December 26, 2008

Day of Recovery

Wow, how do you top yesterday?? You can't really. I think most everything is put away and we are still reveling in the blessings and memories from yesterday.

With Wade at home (we're LOVING it), we decided to show Daddy some of the things we do during the week. So first on our list was Mother Goose time at the Rye Library with Ellen Watermelon (no, that's not her real name, but that is what she calls herself). I know I've blogged about her before, but she is AMAZING.

Next stop was the children's "room" (the entire basement) of the library for some puzzles and great books. And we had to return Angelina Ballerina's Christmas. Ava got her own copy for Christmas yesterday.

The next stop was lunch at Poppy's Cafe on Purchase Street. This place has to be no more than 15 feet wide. I've walked by it so many times, but didn't want to brave it with the kids by myself. So we all went together and had yummy hamburgers and BLT's. It's a family run business and you can tell that everyone inside knows eachother. It's great! The kids played with the owner's granddaughter, Emma, who is 15 months. Kids really open doors for conversation with complete strangers, you know?

This is Ava peeping out at me taking a picture while Wade was paying the bill...

Our final stop this morning was the Rye Firehouse!! They were having an open house today for kids to come and wander around and see the fire trucks and ladders. We were the only ones there, and it was great. The kids both got badges and their own fire hats. They even got to sit in the seats and ring the bell that sits on the truck front bumper.

Tyson got his first fire truck for Christmas from his cousins, so it's been nothing but fire trucks around our house for the past couple days.

While Tyson was napping, Ava and I had a great time playing with her new Christmas play-doh. We made balls, flowers, and moose (is that right for plural "moose"?) with a cookie cutter I got for Christmas. Soooooooooo fun!

Well dinner is warming in the oven and we are waiting for our friends to arrive from Maryland to stay for the weekend.

Happy day-after-Christmas!!!

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Janna Widdifield said...

I love all the updating you've been doing. It's so fun to see all your adventures. But, it does make me miss you more! How I wish would could go to Mother Goose with you guys.