Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Day in the City

Wow, we're tired! Got on the 8:36 am train, and got home at 4:15 pm.
So here's a recap of today.
Stop #1. We started in Bryant Park, which has an ice rink. Who knew? I knew about Central Park and Rockefeller, but I didn't know about Bryant.

Stop #2. Macy's. Gorgeous store, gorgeous windows, and great Santas. The line was going really fast, but come to find out they have multiple Santas. Smart. The kids would never know though as they usher you into smaller lines at the end, and there is a forest of trees between you and anyone else, so the kids would never know!

Stop #3. Times Square. Craziest place on earth if you ask me. Not too much fun with a stroller, but it's a must see.

Stop #4. Central Park carriage ride! I've never done this before and neither had the Grandma's, so we figured why not? Neither my husband, father, or father in-law would probably do it, so we did a ladies ride. (Except for Tyson). We even fit the stroller in there with us.

Stop #5. Central Park Zoo. Had to pay another visit to the polar bears.
Stop #6. Children's Zoo in Central Park. Had to feed the goats again!

Ava felt bad for the goats after we ran out of food (don't get much for $0.50), so she kept grabbing piles of leaves and throwing them over the fence. They actually fought over them. I knew goats would eat anything...but leaves?

Now you know why we're all tired!!
We came home and Chicken Tortilla Soup that had been cooking in the crockpot all day. I immediately poured myself a glass of wine. Ahhhhhhhh. Then the kids had baths and we all watched Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer....the claymation version.
All in all, a fabulous day.

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