Monday, July 6, 2009

Preview: The Heim Family

Back in the saddle again...I'm sure there's a song with those lyrics, but the melody is escaping me right now. Anyway, to say I've been back in the saddle again these last couple weeks in Colorado would be an understatement. My backside is sore from all the squatting I've been doing taking photos, but hey, I'm not complaining because that's a good thing, right?

Anyway, like I've said, the whole reason we came back home to Colorado for a visit was to see Joanne (aka big sister) and her family before they moved to Phoenix July 1. Well, they're gone, but before they left, I offered a complimentary photo session as a moving/early Christmas present. Plus I'm going to do a cool nine-image-20x20 inch prints-frame-display-thing for them. Don't really know what to call it, but I'll post about it when it's all done.

Anyway, so Ava and I took them to downtown Littleton for a little family fun. They all dressed in black and white, but in a non-cheesy way. Mom (aka Gran) had just purchased Ava a new black and white dress from either goodwill or a garage sale, so she came along for a couple girl cousin photos.

So what can I say about these first few?? Audrey, now 10, is definitely very cool. But she still lets out her silly side and showed me a bunch of her dance moves. Even though she is nearing the teen years, she will always be the little kid who prayed to "baby God" and mis-pronounced her middle name in the cutest way.

Emma, now 8, is growing up something fierce. She still has her "thwimple" on her nose, and her crazy curly hair is gone, but she still has the same smile she had when she was two, and I hope she never changes it. Plus, this girl can strike a pose and hold it like I've never seen before. If you ever get into a staring contest with Emma, I guarantee you would lose. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Gorgeous, gorgeous!!

And now, here's the whole Heim family. Very good looking if you ask me.

Friends may come and go, but you'll always have your sister...the second one down may possibly be my favorite image from the whole session. Toben, you better start bolting the doors, because in a few years, the boys will come a knockin!

And I love my little Ava in this one. She adores her cousins, and looks up to them (literally) so much.

Nice legs Jo. Wowza!

And lastly, Joanne needed a new head shot.

So here you go sis. Hope you enjoyed your little preview, and I'll let you know when your gallery is ready to view on my site!

I hope you have lots of sunscreen, because Weather Bug is telling me Phoenix is 105 degrees right now.


Joanne : The Simple Wife said...

YES! Loved it!

Dedra said...

You are rockin that camera! Thanks for sharing... all so stinking gorgeous!

Jen said...

oh kristin, i'm so sad we don't live near each other anymore...these pics (like usual!) are so great!

and what the crap? how does audrey look so OLD! and i miss those curls! wow. great stuff. thanks for sharing!

erin said...

Love it!!
You are amazing. No, Really. You are. Just accept it.


Marla Taviano said...

These are GREAT, Kristen! I really can't bear it, because my girls are just a little younger than Audrey and Emma ,and they need to STOP GROWING UP!!

Wendi Garland said...

Wonderful shots Kristen - You Heim Family members are one good lookin' bunch. What a neat family you *all* are! Thanks for sharing...